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Real Boxing 2 MOD APK 1.15.2 (Unlimited Money)

Real Boxing 2 MOD APK

Android gamers usually exist in all parts of the world, because it delivers games in all categories. Google Play Store is a hub of different games and today we will talk about Real Boxing 2. Gamers who are fans of real fighting games and want to participate in exciting fights for the win must try this. We are sure this game will make you addicted courtesy of its graphics and features. So what are you waiting for start defeating your opponents in the ring now?

With amazing 3D graphics from the Unreal Engine, enjoy the authentic and entertaining gameplay of boxing actions. Have a blast with the amazing boxing mechanics that will make every motion feel highly realistic and immersive. Also, have a look at the fun competitions with unique sets and addictive matchups.

With our in-depth reviews of the mobile title, you can learn more about this amazing game by Vivid Games, Real Boxing 2.


Android gamers will be able to join their favorite MMO fighters in their journeys for fame and glory in the game. Begin as a novice fighter and work your way up the rankings tables, where you’ll have the opportunity to compete against the best fighters from across the world. Enjoy genuine in-game activities, relatable physics, and an engaging storyline that will keep you hooked on the encounters.

Enter the ring and take on the epic punch-out challenges for a shot at glory. On your mobile devices, you may unlock unlimited MMO battling adventures. Take part in fast-paced action with captivating animations and gameplay. Unlock the fun boss battles with a variety of tough and difficult opponents.

You can choose from a variety of boxing methods, allowing you to take on different approaches with different fights. Unlock a variety of special goods, each with its own set of skills and applications. Join your pals in addicting PvP matchups and have fun connecting with them. Take part in a variety of mini-games while playing the game. The list could go on and on.


The following are all of the game’s fascinating features:

Create and modify your character at your leisure

Similar to Boxing Star, you can begin by inventing your own desirable character in Real Boxing 2, allowing you to tailor the game to your preferences. Feel free to experiment with a comprehensive collection of in-game choices that will make creating your own boxer a breeze. Unlock the intriguing muscular sculptures, which will allow you to work on each individual bodily mass to achieve your desired look. Work with handy facial modifications to construct your own warriors with a variety of unique characteristics.

All gamers will like the intuitive gameplay

Real Boxing 2 includes straightforward touch controls that make the fights more manageable for most gamers, making the game more accessible. Feel free to move about and manipulate your character using the easy button combinations and motion controls. In Real Boxing 2, unleash your epic combos and progress through the game. Furthermore, the simple game options ensure that you may always have fun with the boxing game, regardless of your previous experiences.

There are a variety of exciting game types to choose from

In Real Boxing 2, Android gamers will find a variety of entertaining game modes to explore, each with its own unique set of fascinating gameplay. Join the story mode and follow your character’s path to glory as you lead him through a range of matches against multiple opponents and compete in a number of events. Alternatively, take part in classic rapid matches with any opponent and configurable difficulty. At the same time, you may go online and enjoy Real Boxing 2’s thrilling gameplay with friends and other online gamers.

Fast-paced MMA matches with addictive MMA action

For those who are interested, Real Boxing 2’s addicting MMA action with fast-paced matches is now available. Each of your and the character’s emotions, such as punches, uppercuts, and other combination combos, may be completed pretty swiftly in this game. The fluid animations also add to the overall realism of the encounter. You’ll lose track of time as soon as you enter the ring.

Various boss confrontations, each with its own set of obstacles

Android gamers in Real Boxing 2 will encounter several boss bouts throughout the game, allowing them to take on a variety of distinct challenges with terrifying enemies. With new advancements, you’ll face a slew of new monsters, each with its own combat style that you’ll have to handle differently. Learn the difficult methods for defeating them and have fun with your boxing moves.

Have fun experimenting with various boxing styles

And, to make the game even more fun, Android gamers may now choose from a variety of boxing styles, which you can tweak as your characters progress. Have they leveled up by playing a lot of games and gaining experience? To match your unique combat styles, choose new abilities and increase particular attributes. In your MMA journey, feel free to try kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, and a variety of other combat disciplines.

Hundreds of objects that are both powerful and useful

For those who are interested, you can now work with hundreds of powerful and useful goods, making your in-game experiences much more engaging. To acquire numerous intriguing gears and accessories for your character, explore the in-game stores or gather rewards from tournaments. Upgrade your gear and abilities in a variety of ways. All of this will ensure that you get the most out of Real Boxing 2’s thrilling gameplay.

Have a good time connecting with your pals

Android gamers will have opportunities to have fun and enjoy the game with friends and online gamers from all around the world during the game. You may now play in a variety of addictive PvP matchups with your friends whenever and wherever you choose. Enjoy the exciting real-time MMA action with real players, which makes the game even more addictive. Compete against the best players and place first at a variety of ranking tables to win special prizes.

There are a lot of fun mini-games to play

For those who are interested, Real Boxing 2 now has a variety of thrilling mini-games, each with its own unique gameplay and a variety of special rewards. As a result, these are fantastic features for gamers to use anytime they’re bored.

It’s completely free to play

Android gamers can instantly install and begin having fun with their addicting MMA adventures in Real Boxing 2 thanks to the game’s free availability on the Google Play Store. However, keep in mind that the game will have advertisements and in-app purchases, which may annoy you.

On our website, you can play a modded game

Android gamers may also get the hacked version of Real Boxing 2 from our website to ensure that they get the full experience of the game. We offer in-game material that has been unlocked, advertising that has been eliminated, and in-game money that is endless. As a result, you will be able to play the entire game without having to pay for any of its features. All you have to do now is download the Real Boxing 2 Mod APK and follow the on-screen instructions.

Graphics with high visual and audio quality

Unlike many other casual boxing games, Real Boxing 2 will allow Android gamers to really immerse themselves in the epic gameplay of mobile actions with ultimate joys and thrills, thanks to immersive 3D visuals and amazing visual effects from the powerful Unreal Engine 4. With outstanding visual effects and seamless animations, experience powerful punches, realistic tackles, and dynamic knockouts. Also, always appreciate high-resolution, high-quality photos.

Music and sound

Real Boxing 2 not only has fantastic in-game graphics, but it also has powerful sound features that bring Android gamers to the exciting gameplay of boxing movements. Begin by listening to the realistic soundtracks that will keep you engrossed in the story. Gamers can also experience thrilling sound effects that have been expertly integrated into every aspect of the game. As a result, the entire experience becomes much more lifelike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible that Real Boxing 2 Mod Apk may destroy my Android device?

No, downloading it from our website will not affect your device because we have scanned it with unique virus scanning software. It is now Malware-free and completely risk-free to download and play.

In Real Boxing 2, how can I get back up after being knocked out?

Diamonds can be used to help you get up. I believe it is the only way to get out of bed.

In Genuine Boxing 2 Mod Apk, how can I fight a real man?

That’s possible to accomplish it in multiplayer mode. It will be possible if you have a reliable internet connection.

In Real Boxing 2 Mod Apk, how can I make a character?

Select Reset Profile from the settings menu. You can make any character you want here.

App Info

Updated On
Name Real Boxing 2
ID com.vividgames.realboxing2
Publisher Vivid Games S.A.
Genre Sports
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 1.15.1
Size 635M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0


Real Boxing 2 will allow Android players to totally immerse themselves in the boxing gameplay thanks to its simple gameplay and several superbly crafted experiences. Enjoy a variety of accessible game modes with fun gameplay and compelling combat. Experience stunning visual and audio effects that add to the game’s realism. Don’t forget about the fantastic content, as well as the fascinating online mode, which will undoubtedly impress you.

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