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Rex Lapis Genshin Impact: Everything You Need To Know!

Rex Lapis Genshin Impact

Rex Lapis Genshin Impact is well-known as the God of Contracts. He is a mysterious character in Teyvat’s story. You may be unaware of the several secrets he conceals behind his skin. Here is what you need to know about him: You may be wondering how to finish the Geo Travel Diary assignment and get “Geo Archon Anecdotes” in Rex Lapis Genshin Impact. In order to understand more about the city’s history, players will be needed to purchase goods and food from Liyue.

This difficult achievement can be unlocked by supplying all four of these objects, which are required to uncover some of the Geo Archon’s background.

What does the Rex Lapis Genshin symbolize?

Morax, the God of Contracts, was also known as Rex Lapis and ruled over Liyue, the realm of the Geo element. The Geo Archon is one of the two original archons of the Seven who have survived since the beginning of the game. Rex Lapis portrays Zhongli, a consultant at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

Zhongli is now one of the most potent geo-characters in Genshin Impact. The oldest archon, Rex Lapis, is over 6,000 years old. He gradually reveals numerous secrets as he completes Teyvat’s narrative objectives and archon duties. The silky cowl covering the majority of Rex Lapis Genshin Impact’s face makes him appear even more enigmatic.

Lapis, Rex

The Contracting God’s Impact on Morax: Unknown Facts

Each deity rules over a certain domain and represents a particular ideal. This is also true of Morax, who represents the legal philosophy of rules and contracts. More precisely, Morax represents law and order, which he works to maintain among his people. This lesson is ultimately conveyed throughout the narrative through the actions of the God of Contract. His departure is intended to be a formal transfer of the governing staff to his people. Therefore, he methodically plans every aspect of his burial. Instead of participating in the fight, Morax surrendered his Gnosis in a Fatui contract at the conclusion of each tale.

Ganyu’s Agreement

Morax is obsessed with contracts; every action he takes is restricted by one. However, Ganyu was one of his earliest acquaintances. This contract demonstrates the shortcomings of Morax’s model. Ganyu accepted a position as Liyue Qixing’s secretary for the rest of her life, and while she enjoys her job, it has severely negatively influenced her life and wellness. She is compelled to live with people to whom she does not belong (in her eyes). Even though she has more work than anyone should be able to handle, she must honor her commitment out of reverence for her deity.

He Can Alter His Form.

Instantaneously changing his appearance is one of Morax’s most interesting powers. As is common knowledge, Morax’s real appearance is that of a dragon. This allows him to maintain a close watch on the mortal world and sneak down to Liyue Harbor undetected. Morax allegedly executed this deed multiple times, most notably during the Rite of Descension. However, he has occasionally appeared in unusual forms, notably as a woman.

A yaksha

The Yaksha is Liyue’s rendition of Mondstadt’s Four Winds. Despite their formation being distinct from that of Mondstadt, they were established to maintain the country’s order. During the Archon War, the Yaksha were initially Morax’s troops, but the Four Winds were created to keep peace. Due to karma’s wrath, they have become substantially darker after killing so many people. However, they cared enough about Liyue to endure for centuries in order to defend it. Currently, Xiao is the last remaining Yaksha.

His Encounters with The Gods

Unlike Barbatos, Morax appears to be held in great regard by the other gods of Teyvat. Evidently, based on their millennia-long interactions, he and Barbatos had a good friendship. According to reports, neighboring nations enjoy amicable relations. Morax, however, appears to enjoy the favor of the other gods. They feel safe transacting with Morax’s gnosis because the Fatui appears to be treated better in Liyue than in Mondstadt. This would indicate a favorable (or at least cordial) relationship with the Tsaritsa.

The Rex Lapis Confidences


The Geo Archon is characterised as a polearm user who skewers his opponents with stone pillars during the course of the game (check) (check). Simply examine the gameplay of Zhongli to find the similarities. He is a Geo/Polearm wielder who conjures meteors and has a particular polearm attack style that involves skewering assaults that dive from the sky.

Relationships and Personality

As was previously stated, Zhongli is extremely educated about nearly all aspects of Liyue and history. Unique in his understanding of jade, scent, and even antique ballistic missiles. When considering Geo Archon’s honor-bound commitment to contracts, several concerns arise.

Zhongli’s relationships with Adeptus Madam Ping, who constantly asks him to tea, and his “friend from Mondstadt,” who frequently gives him dandelion wine, strongly suggest that he is Rex Lapis. Venti, an archon, is reported to be the only person who enjoys dandelion wine, but Madam Ping is an Adeptus.

Zhongli avoids directly answering Paimon and the Traveler’s query regarding his status as an Adeptus. A brief inquiry into underlying mythology revealed that Rex Lapis was himself an Adeptus. Last but not least, a hilarious (and understated) Reddit suggestion by user u/Callanthe says that the genesis myth of Guili Plains fits well with the concept.

The Geo Archon, who we assume to be Zhongli, and the now-deceased Goddess of Dust Guizhong both go by the name “Guili.” Even the character for “li” in Zhongli is the “exact same character” as the Guili character for “departing.”

Rex Lapis’s Geo Traveler’s Diary: Genshin Impact

The Geo Travel Diary is a Liyue Daily commission that appears frequently. At Yiyan Temple at Liyue Harbor, this task was completed (Yujing Terrace). It is not difficult to complete this assignment, earn 10 primogems per day, and receive a lot of experience points for advancing your explorer rank. Follow these instructions to complete your daily assignment.

Consequences of Rex Lapis Genshin

Musheng is a male NPC located in Liyue Harbor. Give Liyue any plants, meals, minerals, or dishes you can gather for him. You will receive 10 Primogems, 175-250 Adventure EXP, 1,850-4,350 Mora, 15-40 Companionship EXP, and Enhancement Ores after delivering Musheng legal stuff. You must collect these products and mine these ores in the Liyue wilderness for Musheng: bird eggs, carrots, apples, white iron chunks, cor lapis ores, Jueyun Chili Chicken, SquirrelFish, and others.

Geo Archon RexLapis designed these scenes and items. That is all there is to know about Rex Lapis Genshin Impact, commonly known as Geo Archon. Even though RexLapis is no longer an Archon, he continues to wield considerable influence in Liyue.

Frequently Asked Questions (Rex Lapis Genshin Impact)

The following are some frequently asked questions about RexLapis. You can learn more about him by reading his questions and answers.

Who is responsible for Rex Lapis’s death?

RexLapis was supposedly killed during the titular Rite. To destabilize Liyue, Tartaglia, the eleventh Fatui Harbinger, coerced the Traveler to inform the Adepti of the death of Rex Lapis. As more of Teyvat’s story was disclosed, it was revealed that the Geo Archon had faked his own death. As Zhongli, he resides in Liyue at present.

Does Zhongli reign over Lapis?

Yes. RexLapis, formerly known as Morax, is now referred to as Zhongli. After Liyue shows their ability to exist and thrive without his protection, he resigns from his position as Archon and wanders as a human.

Why did RexLapis claim to be deceased?

Zhongli, the current incarnation of Geo Archon, asserted that Geo Archon faked his death to abdicate as Archon of Liyue. He realized that this nation was capable of defending itself even without his presence. As a result, he desired to live as a human and consult for Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

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