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Top 12 Best Streaming Software Paid and Free in 2022

Streaming Software

Best Streaming Software: A ready-to-use live streaming solution is offered by social media streaming apps like Facebook Live and Instagram Live. Unfortunately, their capabilities are frequently constrained and might be difficult to use, especially for nascent content creators who want to expand the audience for their work.

Whatever your streaming objectives are, we have some of the best software for you.

Top 12 Best Streaming Software

1. OBS Studio

Because of its user-friendly features and excellent audio and video quality, it was the first streaming software to ever hit the market and is still among the most widely used platforms. OBS Studio is free software that may be used for recording and live streaming. It is extremely customizable and free to use, making it ideal for experienced users who want to experiment with the program.

2. Streamlabs OBS

Once you’ve mastered OBS Studio, you might wish to move up to more feature-rich, sophisticated software. Similar to OBS’s older sibling, Streamlabs OBS is from the same family but is more developed and equipped with additional capabilities. Along with a tonne of other capabilities that are difficult to obtain elsewhere, it has many of the same functions as OBS Studio. You can use widgets like a viewer counter and discussion box, as well as notifications, customized overlays, built-in text-to-speech, and alerts.

3. Flutin

Flutin is an internet live streaming tool that enables you to multistream your live video feeds to 20+ other platforms in addition to Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Linkedin. You may produce professional and interesting live streaming with the help of Flutin’s top streaming features, which include Instagram streaming, pre-recorded streaming, sub-accounts, Zapier integration, guest invites, and much more.

4. OneStream

Users of OneStream can concurrently stream and record life and previously recorded videos to up to 40 platforms. OneStream can be used in conjunction with other streaming tools during live streaming to start multicasting. You might start delivering your video stream to OneStream right now by setting up external streaming software like Zoom, Wirecast, or OBS.

5. vMix

vMix has comparable features to OBS Studios but is less expensive than alternatives like Wirecast. It is simple to use for podcasts and guest interviews because of its guest capabilities. Sending visitors a link is all it takes to have them appear on your screen when they click it. The best aspect is that, unlike with other software applications, having guests on your show won’t degrade the audio or video quality.

6. Lightstream

With Lightstream, a cloud-based streaming application, getting started is simple. Open your browser, and you can access Lightstream instantly. Lightstream is simple to use and has a drag-and-drop editor with creative controls, projects, and scenes. Streamers can increase audience engagement by using a variety of third-party connectors for motion graphics, social network displays, and on-stream alerts.

7. XSplit Broadcaster

Live streaming and recording are both possible with XSplit Broadcaster. It is designed with professional content producers in mind who broadcast specialized content, such as gaming. There are plenty of platforms available for streaming, too. While Custom RTMP enables users to stream to any platform, native plugins enable streaming to well-known platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

8. Restream

Sometimes, the number of viewers can be less than you’d planned for when you concentrate on live streaming to just one platform. You can track audience statistics in addition to video stream metrics with the use of Restream’s performance analytics. It can be challenging to gauge which platform your content will perform best when you’re just getting started. So why not simultaneously stream to several platforms? Restream makes this possible.

9. Livestorm

Livestorm might be the finest streaming software for you if you’re a solopreneur or startup founder looking to host live product demos, tutorials, or Q&A sessions. It is popular among business owners that deal with clients because of its interactive features, integrations, and capacity to design user-friendly landing pages. All participants must do to join the webinar is click the link because it is a cloud-based software. The convenience of joining webinars will boost participation rates as well.

10. Wirecast

Wirecast, developed by Telestream, enables users to produce live stream productions and on-demand broadcasts of television-caliber. You may capture, produce, and stream with Wirecast, all from a single, customized user interface. The program enables live broadcasting to any RTMP destination, providing customers with the widest range of streaming platform options.

11. Videolinq

A different streaming software choice for simultaneously streaming to several social platforms is called Videolinq. Starting a stream from a webcam, source URL, or RTMP encoder is simple with the help of the program. AJA Video Systems, Telestream, and Teradek are just a few of the streaming applications that Videolinq connects with.

12. Streamyard

Users that just want to log in and start streaming are best served by Streamyard. There is no need for a large download because Streamyard runs on Chrome and Firefox. You may stream from any device, including a tablet, phone, or desktop, as long as it has access to Chrome, so a laptop is also not necessary.

Which streaming application suits you the best?

The best choice for you will depend on your operating system, budget, and the features that are most important to you, as with the majority of software decisions.

Consider where you’re most likely to broadcast, which integrations are most beneficial, and how much time you have to invest in learning each platform as you develop your video streaming plan. For all the newest software bargains, don’t forget to check out the AppSumo shop.

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