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Top 10 Best Google Chrome Themes

Best Google Chrome Themes

Google recently introduced a new feature that lets you customize your Chrome, and you can modify the interface and browser tabs color. If you think it is the only customization feature available on Google Chrome, then you might be wrong.

Google is famous for its friendly user interface and provides unlimited customization choices, but they hide behind the Chrome flags. However, you can now change the web browser’s look by applying some theme. You can plenty of eye-catching themes via Google Web Store, which lets you change the web browser’s look without any hassle.

List of 10 Best Google Chrome Themes

If you are using Chrome with the default theme, it would be fun changing Google Chrome’s appearance by applying some new themes. Our experts have compiled a list of the best Google Chrome themes you can download via the Google Web Store. The best thing is, all these themes are available for free and look so beautiful. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Themes from Chrome Team



Google has provided plenty of themes for Chrome that you can access on its web store. The number of themes posted by Google for the Google Chrome web browser is almost 14. These themes are lightweight and very delightful to the eyes. Users looking to change their Google Chrome web browser’s looks can acknowledge the themes created by Google.

2. Beauty



It is one of the best Google Chrome themes, which is developed for nature lovers. This is a unique theme based on nature, making you love your Google Chrome browser for sure. What makes it different from others is that it delivers a set of precisely picked nature wallpaper on your new tab page. The theme is so attractive that it may grab your attention for a while, and you may forget what you need to do for a second. You will definitely appreciate the theme’s beauty as it depicts nature’s beauty and keeps you intact.

3. Sahara



Sahara is one of the most popular themes you can download through the Chrome web store. It is a broad landscape theme, and this landscape belongs to the Sahara desert. This theme is going to gain your attention as it depicts the Sahara desert at night with the milky way shining in all its glory. You will never change it, and if you look at it carefully, you will find caravans with camels in the background. We recommend this theme as it enables you Sahara desert view on your Chome browser.

4. Tardis



Many people are unaware of this name but let me tell you, Tardis is a fictional time device in the TV Series Doctor Who. The theme is largely based on that time machine and can serve you the best if you want to apply a lightweight and minimalistic theme for your Google Chrome. It arrives with deep blue wallpapers, but it attaches a white bar on top of the current tab for easy exploration.

5. Color Fusion



Color Fusion is one of the best Google Chrome themes that may change your Google Chrome web browser’s look to provide you full customization features. It brings many gradient colors, making your Chrome browser looks visually attractive. You will find it unique from other themes as it includes different gradients for different browser elements. For instance, the active tab’s slant is different from the address bar. The authors have brought a whole new concept, and it looks fantastic.

6. Nordic Forest



Want to feel the beauty of nature sitting in your room? Nordic Forest is there to provide you the whole natural environment at home. Nordic Forest is the most popular theme, which you can download for free from the Chrome web store. The theme has a collection of gorgeous wallpapers packed with pine trees that treat the eyes. We recommend this theme to all nature lovers, as it may improve your browsing experience.

7. Iron Man-Material Design



Have you watched the Iron Man movie? If you are an Iron Man lover, this theme is based on Iron Man-Material Design. Even though Iron Man’s death in the movie made you sad, this theme makes him alive forever on your Chrome background. The theme offers an impressive artwork of Iron Man set to fight a battle. When you apply this theme, you will add a bluish red gradient across the tabs, which is great.

8. Raindrops(Non-Aero)



We all love the rain because this climate brings a lot of pleasure and joy to the people. All the rain lovers must give Raindrops(Non-Aero) a try as this theme replicates the look of real raindrops splashing on your car’s windshield. This theme also attracts nature lovers and is most popular among Chrome users. If you look at the number of downloads, 152000+ downloads show their popularity. However, the drawback of this theme is that it raises RAM consumption.

9. Colors



As the name suggests, Colors add different colors to increase your Google Chrome web browser’s beauty.  You can download this theme without losing your pocket via the Google Web Store and on the best themes to catch your attention. The theme brings background color sprinkle wallpaper on your new tab page.  However, it doesn’t change the display of the address bar or bookmark bar.

10. Deep Space Theme in Black



It is the last name in our list of best Google Chrome themes and is specially developed for black lovers. If you adore space or celestial bodies, you will definitely apply this theme to your Chrome browser, which brings g real space pictures from NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. This theme is just marvelous, and every time you look at it, you will feel like sinking deep into space.


We have created a list of the best Google Chrome themes that may allow you to get rid of old chrome looks. Many users may love this, as it brings some colors and attraction to your browsing experience. You can choose one based on your interests and choices, as they all belong to different fields of life. Don’t forget to send us suggestions and your feedback. Until the next time. Goodbye!

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