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Top 10 Best Private Browsers For iPhone In 2021

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We have seen nothing is private and secure in the internet world; even search engines like Google, Yahoo,  and more keep tracking your activities. They then use these activities to provoke you with targeted ads; in the same way, all other sites track and may send your data to third parties.

Sometimes you use VPNs and proxies to surpass web trackers, but it’s not the permanent solution. To keep your browsing safe and protected, you need to install a private web browser and keep living safely.

Top 10 Best Private Browsers For iPhone In 2021

We often talk about private browsers which are compatible with all platforms; today, our article is exclusively for iOS users. Our experts have compiled a list of the best private browsers for the iPhone you can use right now. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Red Onion


Red Onion is a product of Tor company, and they make it especially for iOS devices.  This browser provides you the facility of anonymous browsing and entering the darknet with ease. It arrives with proxies that allow users to surpass corporate, school, and public wifi internet filters quickly. The best thing about this browser is that it automatically detects and prevents ads and many web trackers without disturbing you.

2. Snowbunny Private Web Browser

Snowbunny Private Web Browser is not as popular as others but still one of the best private browsers for iPhone out there. If you are worried about speed, give this browser a try, it is fast and brings a full-screen mode covering 35% more viewable area. You can turn on its private mode in the Settings panel, and it won’t save your history, cookies, or sign-in details in private browsing tabs.

3. Private Browsing Web Browser


It is evident from its name that Private Browsing Web Browser is a browser to keep your browsing safe and private.  We will recommend this to every iOS user because this browser doesn’t affect your internet speed and provides you best results. Another best thing about his browser is that it automatically erases the history, cookies, cache, and other trackable things after closing the app. They keep updating the browser to provide more reliable browsing and downloading speed.

4. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus may not be amongst the best private browsers but still arrives with some valuable features to grab your attention. Worried about unknown online trackers? Dont worry; it automatically blocks them from the moment you start browsing. After you are done and close the app, it will quickly delete history, password, and cookies. It provides the best features to keep your privacy during browsing, not only web trackers, but it also prevents ads from making your browsing journey faster.

5. Ghostery Privacy Browse

Ghostery Privacy Browser is one of the best privacy browsers which is serving Android users. But it is also available for iOS users but yet to take its place among iPhone users and is considered an under-rated iOS app. You can use it to explore all the features you expect from a decent private browser, so give it a try. What makes it better than others is its ability to expose who is tracking your data on your visited websites and block those trackers manually. It also contains a built-in ad blocker that automatically eliminates ads from web pages with ease.

6. Brave Private Web Browser

Searching for a browser that doesn’t affect the speed of your internet during browsing?  Brave Private Web Browser VPN is there to serve you with its lightning-fast speed and luxurious security features.  It arrives with a built-in ad blocker, pop-up blocker, Private VPN, and much more to improve its service. This browser also enables HTTPS everywhere for security and makes sure no site harms your device.

7. Opera Browser

Opera Browser is popular for its fast speed and has been serving users of almost all the platforms. You dont need to fear privacy protection as this web browser is secure and provides you private mode to keep your browsing anonymous. It uses the latest internet technologies to make sure you get maximum privacy protection while visiting different sites. Some of the best security features include Cryptojacking protection, ad-blocker, night mode, and much more to serve you.

8. Private Browser Deluxe

Private Browser Deluxe is one of the best private browsers that you can use on your iOS devices. It is an unusual browser compatible with iPhone that allows tabs, bookmarks, private browsing, anonymous browsing, and much more. This browser arrives with a built-in great download manager that lets you pause/resume real-time downloads without any hassle.

9. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser focuses on privacy protection more than anything else. If you compare it with other browsers compatible with iOS, you will find it more valuable and essential. It arrives with a collection of features and clears all your tabs and browsing history with one click. Using a built-in blocker automatically hinders all the secret third-party trackers.

10. Private Browser: Surf Safe

Private Browser: Surf Safe is the last name in our list of best private browsers for iOS devices that offers a secure & secret internet browsing experience. It utilizes some excellent and strong encryption methods to encrypt your browsing exercise. What makes it superior to others is its feature to keep anonymous; for that purpose, it allows you to manually choose the VPN servers. So this browser encrypts your traffic using VPN servers which improves its privacy. This app also comes with a few local protection functions, such as it enables you to lock the browser with Password or Touch ID so only you can open this browser.


Our experts have compiled a list of the best private browsers for iOS users, and they can choose anyone based on their needs. Android is famous for its massive app ecosystem, and we often ignore iPhone users and dont talk about iOS apps. This article is dedicated to all iOS users worldwide to keep their browsing activities safe and protected. Now choose one browser and keep your browsing safe; send us suggestions and feedback. We will meet again with another exciting article, until then. GoodBye!

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