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Top 25 Best Treasure of Nadia Alternatives in 2021

Treasure of Nadia

Treasure of Nadia is a single-player adventure, strategy, and role-playing computer game developed for the PC. The plot begins after the protagonist’s father’s death when he inherits his father’s travel diaries and treasure hunting. You take on the role of the protagonist, who embarks on a quest to explore the world, find treasure, meet dozens of new individuals, and interact with them. Begin by selecting a campaign from a variety of tasks, then explore a new environment and complete the treasure hunt by devising methods. (Best Treasure of Nadia Alternatives)

You can also perform side quests to increase your score, win awards and money, and get various boosters during the campaigns. The game contains a stunning open environment, romance, fascinating tranquil adventurous soundtrack, and a high-quality 3-Dimensional HD presentation. This version has several cave campaigns, point-and-click controls, and objectives to compete in diverse settings such as the jungle and the seas.

Top 25 Best Treasure of Nadia Alternatives in 2021

We have Complied a list of the Best Treasure of Nadia Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Katamari Damacy REROLL



Katamari Damacy REROLL is a Casual, Adventure, Colorful, and Single-player video game. The player controls the Prince throughout the game, whose primary goal is to roll the Katamari across residences, gardens, and cities. The gamer must adhere to the King of Cosmos’ requirements. It is one of the Best Treasure of Nadia Alternatives.

2. Tearaway



Tearaway is a single-player adventure, platform, and platform game developed by Media Molecule. Throughout the game, the player controls Green Man, a protagonist in need of new skin. The game lets the player use the device’s camera to take photos that can then be applied to a paper-craft animal. Iota or Atoi can be customized by creating designs on virtual paper, cutting them out, and applying them to their character.

3. Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom



Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is a single-player adventure, fantasy, and magical video game on a variety of platforms. The story revolves around a fairyland and a cast of cartoonish characters that embark on various adventures. Holly is a fairy figure who is linked to Ben, the other protagonist. They take on various obstacles, go on many adventures, participate in various sports, and amuse each other. You can eat a variety of meals during the edition, including cake, fruit, apple bananas, and other delectable treats. It is one of the Best Treasure of Nadia Alternatives.

4. The Last Guardian



The Last Guardian is an Action-Adventure, Episodic, Third-Person, Single-player video game. The plot is set in flashback recollections, and you take on the role of a young kid who is accompanied by Trico, a mutant that is half-bird and half-cat. They are brought together by chance, and their lives begin here. You are the boy’s character, and you must defeat your opponents by using your combat abilities, strength, and other power assaults. It is one of the Best Treasure of Nadia Alternatives.

5. Twelve Sky 2 Classic



Twelve Sky 2 Classic, an action, role-playing, hack, and slash, single-player, and massively multiplayer video game. The combat edition transports you to a battlefield where a swarm of players is roving and slaughtering one another. Take on a challenge to redeem your brothers’ honor by killing the opponents in various challenges and stages with diverse responsibilities.

6. The Hidden: Source



The Hidden: Source is a single-player action, a first-person shooter video game in which you face several foes. During the game, you can complete several challenges in single-mode and shoot adversaries, while multiplayer mode allows you to play with your squad. Shoot your adversaries with a shotgun, grenade, MP4, sniper rifle, or AK-47, or beat them with a dagger. It is one of the Best Treasure of Nadia Alternatives.

7. Imagine Lifetimes 



Imagine Lifetimes is a Simulation, Strategy, Point-and-Click, and Single-player video game by Frycandle. The sim edition allows you to pick your own course through life, with a variety of choices and possibilities to adapt and end the story based on your choices. The fantastic plot is hidden in many facets of life, and you must find a way to investigate dozens of options, each of which has an impact on your gaming.

8. This Merchant Life



Inexplicable Games’ The Merchant Life is a strategy, business simulation, and single-player video game. The retro version tells the narrative of a businessman who opens a little shop in Peregrine, a medieval kingdom, and allows his trade to expand to its full potential. During the game, you must construct a trade cart, acquire two horses, and embark on a journey to become a tycoon, travel, and discover many regions.

9. Dress-up Traveller



Dress-up Traveller is a single-player, action-adventure, animated video game for the PC. The premise revolves around a young traveler girl who is on a quest for treasure and must face numerous enemies with unique abilities and skills while on her journey. On the mission, you will face adversaries such as a sun-flower monster that throws seeds and leaves to harm your health, water cats who attack you with water bubbles, and powerful bosses.

10. GIRP 



GIRP, a survival, casual, word, and single-player video game. The indie version is based on the concept of climbing a cliff and mountain using only the keyboard keys and surviving for as long as possible. You’ll be offered several iron hooks with letters attached to them, and you’ll have to press the letter to grip the hook and continue ascending. It is one of the Best Treasure of Nadia Alternatives.

11. Do Not Feed the Monkeys



Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a strategy, simulation, and single-player video game. In the animated version, you will join a surveillance firm and keep a watch on all of the people’s actions. What they do to keep their secrets, what their lives’ secrets are, and what they do while they’re alone are all documented on camera, and you act as the primary observer.

12. Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl



Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl is a multiplatform Adventure, Open World, 3-Dimensional, and Single-player video game. The storyline in this edition allows you to run the protagonist’s farm, which can be a boy or a girl depending on your choice. Navigate the player into your barn, work differently, work hard, and have fun while you’re there by competing with the villagers in various competitions and mini-games, and earning rewards at the end of each challenge. It is one of the Best Treasure of Nadia Alternatives.

13. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town



Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is single-player role-playing, simulation, and simulation video game. The plot is set in a magical world, and you must assume the role of a young kid who is adopted by a farmer when he is young. Later, the farmer died, and you were left to help yourself with the farm, raising livestock such as cows, goats, and chickens, and producing a variety of crops to make a living.

14. Pikuniku



Sectordub owns Pikuniku, a Puzzle-Adventure, Exploration 2-Dimensional, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game. The plot allows you to take on the role of protagonist Piku, who is attempting to save the people from the curse of Mr. Sunshine, who has taken over the people’s basic necessities. Mr. Sunshine, the enemy, urges individuals to sign a contract and take the usable goods with them, but you must stop him and try to beat him by completing puzzles. Hundreds of levels, including tough puzzles and arcade challenges, are available to be completed during the game.

15. Camp Buddy



Camp Buddy is a platform-agnostic adventure, anime, visual novel, and single-player video game. The plot takes you on an excursion where you meet your classmates and begin camping in various areas while having fun and delight. The game is an interactive drama in which you engage with dozens of characters, listen to their stories, and relive the events as you travel.

16. Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner



Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner is an Adventure, Animated, Puzzle, and Single-player video game. In this version, you’ll be in charge of dozens of quests chock-full of new and unusual adventures, several puzzles with a variety of tough sections, and numerous challenges. In the meantime, you must solve a wide range of challenging puzzles and tasks in order to gain access to the game’s deeper levels.

17. Sundog: Frozen Legacy



Sundog: Frozen Legacy, an action, role-playing, space, and single-player video game. The plot places you in space, where you take on the role of Zed, who is trapped in glass mines. It is now up to you to free yourself and get out of here, but in order to do so, you must assist your uncle in colonizing space. During the game, you must navigate the player and begin fixing the damaged spaceship before moving on to the other objectives. It is one of the Best Treasure of Nadia Alternatives.

18. Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock



Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock is an Action-Adventure, Shooting, Survival, Sci-Fi, and Single-player video game. In this edition, you begin your journey on an unknown planet after crashing with your crew, and you must survive by utilizing all available resources. Gather the necessary tools, summon the bravery, and concentrate on repairing the ship in order to save your crew and the captain.

19. Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest is a single-player action, arcade, retro, casual, and single-player video game in which you must simulate a superhero and deal with all of the adversaries. Hundreds of challenges await you in the game, as well as infinite clashes against foes in various locales. There are several stages, featuring unique party battles and the most difficult conditions.

20. Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park



Activision’s Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park is a single-player adventure, puzzle, and exploration game. In this edition, you must follow the storyline in which a group of teenagers must pilot a jet into dangerous situations, survive a series of missions, and complete the objectives.

21. Dota Underlords



Valve Corporation owns Dota Underlords, a strategy, free-to-play, puzzle, and single-player video game. In this case, you must compete against your opponents in open-ended battles, defeat them by devising successful methods and then collect hundreds of awards. Gather your army and recruit more troops during the game to crush your opponents, including AI and internet pro-players, in an auto battler environment.

22. Kid Pix Studio Deluxe



Broderbund INC’s Kid Pix Studio Deluxe is an art, education, casual, and single-player video game. This content’s subject allows youngsters to be educated through their creative activities, to explore new learning paths, and to generate useful work. Children may have access to painting during the playthrough, where they can draw anything, create new image stories, and share their creative work with the rest of the world. It is one of the Best Treasure of Nadia Alternatives.

23. Faraway 2



Snapbreak’s Faraway 2 is a single-player adventure, puzzle, simulation, episodic, first-person perspective video game. You use your brains and wisdom to solve a variety of puzzles, solve hundreds of riddles, and escape the predefined places that you are confined in this edition. Throughout the game, you will be given numerous maps to explore, find a means to escape, and uncover all of the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of the fantastical world.

24. The Republia Times



Lucas Pope owns The Republia Times, an adventure, indie, management, role-playing, and single-player video game. In this case, you’ll take on the job of an editor for the New York Times, who is in charge of the storey sections and has the right to add and remove any content. While playing, you may receive threats from higher authorities and other large groups to remove tales that may reflect their poor job; respond to their threats and continue playing.

25. Evil Genius 2: World Domination



Evil Genius 2: World Domination is a sequel to the popular game Evil Genius. Rebellion owns Evil Genius 2: World Domination, a video game that combines action, combat, strategy, base-building, simulation, and single-player gameplay. You will be transformed into a supervillain who is poised to take over the globe, control all bad activities, and attain global dominance with this content. Your job while simulating is to build your base of operations, hatch a bad-minions force to fight the good, train them, and defend the operating base by obtaining a high-security level.


This article has discussed some of the Best Treasures of Nadia Alternatives. If you have any suggestions, you can contact us. Goodbye!

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