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Valorant Tracker – Sites to Track Rank (2022)

Valorant Tracker – Best Sites to Track Rank in 2022

You can find game metrics, leaderboards, and server updates on handy tracker websites. If you’re a Valorant player, you might wish to keep track of a few game stats. Individual server stats, player ranks, weapon popularity, weapon damage, patch notes, and other information may be included in these statistics. It is critical to keep up with and monitor such statistics in order to be informed about new developments, trends, and skill progression. Today we will talk about the Valorant Tracker in detail.

The Most Valorant  Trackers

You may find a list of Valorant Tracker websites to follow in this article. We’ll be adding more trackers and updates to this page on a regular basis, so check back frequently.

Valorant Rank Tracker

Individual player rank, K/D ratio, top agents, best maps, Win/Loss ratio, and other metrics are tracked by Valorant rank trackers. Many websites allow you to examine individual game performance by entering the username or logging in with your Rio Games account.

One of the most popular of these websites is Users can keep track of Valorant’s stats and leaderboards. You may see your stats by logging in with your Riot Games account or just enter your user name and player id number (e.g. XYZPLAYER#123). It will provide a database of each player’s game hours, win/loss ratio, and K/D ratio. Favorite/worst maps, weapons, and player rankings, among other things

These websites are good for checking your rank and skill progression, as well as analyzing your competition.

 Valorant Server Status Tracker

The only issue with this website is that it only informs on major service updates and ignores minor issues that users may encounter. You can use to see if the problem is only affecting you or if it is affecting other gamers as well.

Downdetector keeps track of server problems reported by gamers. You can find it on the company’s service page. It will display a graph of the most recent outages reported in the last 24 hours, as well as the most frequently reported issues.

This manner, you can quickly determine whether there is a server problem on the developer’s end, with individual gamers, or in a certain geographic area.

Valorant Patch Notes Tracker

To receive the most up-to-date information on the game and its components (weapons, maps, agents, and the battle pass), you should read all of Riot Games’ patch notes. The Game Updates page on Valorant contains all of the most recent patch notes for the most recent game updates.

This website also contains vital game development news and guidance in addition to the patch notes. It will occasionally provide you with offers and suggestions. Make sure to keep an eye on this page since it may surprise you.

Valorant Skin Popularity Tracker

Skin Popularity Tracker is a useful tool for keeping track of how popular your skin is

If you want to buy skins in-game for any reason, you might be interested in learning about the best skins in Valorant. We’ve compiled numerous lists based on the popularity and trend of each Valorant weapon and skin set.

The following is a list of web pages that you can read:

These sites can be bookmarked or followed because we update them on a regular basis based on skin popularity. The most recent skins from the new or forthcoming battle pass and skin sets are also added.


These are some of the most useful Valorant monitors for keeping track of player rankings, server status, and the most recent upgrades. If you play Valorant on a regular basis, being up to date is critical because it saves you time and money while playing. Keep visiting us for other interesting articles, Goodbye!

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