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Warzone Bunker Codes: Everything You Need To Know!

Warzone Bunker Codes

The Warzone bunker codes and locations are required to get entry to Verdansk’s restricted areas. We’re here to help. If you want the best loot in Call of Duty Warzone, or if you need to hide as the zone shrinks, the Warzone bunker locations are what you need. You’ll need specific codes to enter certain of the Warzone bunkers, and red access cards for others. We have all the information you’ll need, regardless of the type of bunker you choose to visit. All of the Warzone bunker codes, locations, and other information can be found right here.

Warzone Bunker Codes

As part of the Call of Duty: Cold War reveal, there were bunkers that required codes rather than a Red Access Card. If you’re seeking the original bunkers without a code, scroll down to the bottom of this page. Otherwise, you may see these revised bunker locations by watching the video above or looking at the map below. Unlike the stadium bunker, the Warzone bunker codes are already established.

Bunker Sites in a Warzone

Here’s where you can find a list of all of the original Warzone bunker locations

You can use the map below as a visual reference; however, take in mind that certain areas are near together, thus the map’s recommendations may be wrong. If you’re still unsure, the explanations below may be of assistance.

What is the most effective technique to enter Warzone bunker 11?

Bunker 11 functions differently than the other bunkers in Warzone. It is located northwest of the Military Base and is accessible without a keycard. To get your hands on the treasures inside, you’ll need to find a few phones and speak Russian—though reading at the reference below could be a better alternative.

It’s not as easy as looking for a random phone. You’ll need to locate a phone that is playing a Russian message—any of the blue-icon phones on the map above could be the one. After you’ve found the message and listened to it, use the list below to help you translate the Russian numbers. After you’ve written them down, you can go to the next level.

Look them up on the map above once you have the three digits. These are only compatible with specific phones, so figuring out which ones you need to look for should be straightforward. Each one must be visited in the order you heard them in the original message. Pay them a visit and listen to what they have to say.

Stadium bunker in a battle zone

A Warzone bunker code is required to enter the stadium bunker. You will, however, have to repeat the process because the code changes with each match.

Location of a bunker near the Warzone Airport

The airport bunker was included with Cold War Season 1’s release, and there is no code required to enter. At Verdansk Airport, you must find and enter the runway break. You should come across a tunnel that leads to an abandoned Soviet bunker full of supply containers.

The bunker’s major flaw is that it’s in a very visible location. There’s a lot of treasure there, making it difficult for players to ignore it. If you’re looking for those prizes on the runway, expect a lot of competition.

What is the best way to get into a Warzone bunker that doesn’t have a keypad?

You’ll need to find a Red Access Card first if you want to get to the loot in a bunker that doesn’t have a keypad. These cards are extremely rare and can only be gained through legendary crates, with no guarantee of receiving one. Obtaining an access card, however, is only half the battle; you must now survive your journey to a bunker.

This is easier said than done because players will flock to these locations in the hopes of snagging the prizes. Chancers may also grab your card before you have a chance to utilize it. You’ve made it to the Warzone bunker safely. Have a good time accumulating your prizes.

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