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10 Best WhatsApp Extensions You Must Utilize in 2022

WhatsApp Extensions

Best WhatsApp Extensions You Must Utilize: Over the past few years, WhatsApp has seen substantial improvement and currently offers the majority of the functionality customers require. You may exchange text messages and photographs, make voice and video chats, and share your status using this instant messaging program. Improved messaging capabilities, including disappearing messages, multi-device support, and others, are available in WhatsApp’s most recent version.

Additionally, if you use WhatsApp online, you can utilize browser extensions to maximize the functionality of the service. The Chrome web shop offers a wide variety of extensions compatible with WhatsApp web. These add-ons can be used to increase the functionality of WhatsApp Web. As a result, we’ll outline some of the top WhatsApp extensions in this article.

10 Best WhatsApp Extensions You Must Utilize

Please be aware that the Chrome web store offers these extensions. As a result, they work with Microsoft Edge and other Chromium-based web browsers. Let’s examine the extensions now.

Important:  It’s not always a good idea to add Chrome extensions to WhatsApp Web in order to increase its functionality. Following the use of these Chrome extensions, numerous users have experienced account bans. Use these extensions at your own risk, so be sure to do that.

1. Notifier for WhatsApp Web

One such extension that any WhatsApp Web user would adore having is Notifier. Without visiting the WhatsApp site, this Chrome extension brings notifications right to your Google Chrome browser.

You won’t need to constantly have WhatsApp Web open in a background tab if the Notifier for WhatsApp Web extension is installed on your Chrome browser. Therefore, Notifier for WhatsApp Web is a fantastic Chrome plugin that users of the WhatsApp web platform shouldn’t overlook.

2. EazyBe

Even though EazyBe may not be as well-known as the other options on the list, it is still one of the top Chrome extensions for WhatsApp available right now. Numerous functions are added to your WhatsApp web account via the EazyBe browser plugin.

After installing the extension, you can schedule messages, organize chats, set quick replies, set reminders, and more. This Chrome extension also allows you to prioritize chats, send messages to numbers that haven’t been stored, etc. EazyBe is a great WhatsApp plugin overall that you should use right now.

3. WAToolkit

One of the top Chrome extensions on the list, WAToolkit offers a number of useful and compact utilities for WhatsApp web clients.

The Chrome WhatsApp extensions offer various features, including the toolbar’s WhatsApp button and always-on desktop notifications. The addon is also quite lightweight and has no negative effects on the efficiency of your PC.

4. Multi Chat

One of the special browser extensions you can use is Multi Chat. It enables you to launch popular messengers like WhatsApp directly from your browser.

You may view and respond to messages on multiple platforms using Multi Chat, including WhatsApp web, Telegram web, Slack desktop, Line, Instagram DM, and WeChat online.

5. Cooby

Cooby would be incredibly helpful if you manage a lot of WhatsApp messages. With the help of this Chrome plugin, you may visit WhatsApp Web and organize your chats into tabs.

Cooby arranges your WhatsApp Chat into tabs after it is installed. For instance, it includes an Unread tab where you may view all missed messages. You also receive other tabs for chats that require replies, need replies, and more in a similar manner.

6. WA Web Utils

With the help of the Chrome plugin WA Web Utils, you may send WhatsApp group messages in mass. You can send mass messages to your clients, contacts, and potentially leads using this Chrome extension and your PC.

Even message templates for business use can be made with this plugin.

7. WA Web Plus

Another top Chrome extension on the list that every WhatsApp online user should install is WA Web Plus. You can hide your typing status, blur messages and images, pin chats to the top, and more with WA Web Plus.

The Chrome plugin gives WhatsApp Web for both personal and professional usage all the functions that are now missing.

8. Zapp

Zapp can be the ideal add-on for you if you frequently deal with audio recordings on WhatsApp Web.

It enhances the WhatsApp web version’s audio controls. With this plugin, you may manage the audio files shared on WhatsApp. You can adjust the recording’s volume and speed, for instance.

9. Privacy Extension

Use Privacy Extension if you use WhatsApp Web in an area where people may watch you from across the room. A WhatsApp extension on the list called Privacy Extension conceals certain interface elements until you hover your cursor over them.

After installation, it conceals messages, media, input fields, profile images, and more. You must hover your cursor over the covert elements to reveal them.

10. WAIncognito

With the help of the Chrome plugin WAIncognito, you may check other people’s read receipts and last seen without revealing your own. When you use this addon, no one will be able to know that you have been reading chats. Additionally, the extension hides WhatsApp’s last seen status from other users.

The top Chrome extensions for WhatsApp users are those listed above. The Chrome online store offers almost all of the extensions described in the article for free download.

If you’re aware of any further such extensions, please share the details in the comments.

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