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World War 3: Possibilities, Alliances And Causes!

World War 3

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned on Wednesday about the potential of a third world war conflict’s “nuclear and terrible” repercussions in the middle of Moscow’s enormous military operation to defeat Ukraine. Read the article to learn more about the likelihood of World War 3 and who will support it.

World War 3

As reported by the government-owned TASS the likelihood of a third world war has prompted a response from Russia’s top diplomat, who says it would be disastrous.

President of the United States Joe Biden stated that a third world war would be preferable to Washington’s harsh sanctions against Moscow. Lavrov responded that Russia is prepared to accept any penalties that are placed upon it when asked if he was surprised by the measures placed upon journalists and athletes.

Intellectuals, athletes, journalists, and performers will be among of the targets of the penalties, he added in reference to the ban and sanctions imposed by Western nations. In his first State of the Union address, he stated that “dictators” like Vladimir Putin must “pay the price” for attacking another nation.

After the US invasion, Russia is no longer permitted to enter US airspace. Lavrov allegedly stated that the purpose of the special operation against Ukraine was to stop Kyiv from acquiring nuclear weapons.

According to the news station, Russia won’t let Ukraine get nuclear weapons. According to a statement he made, the military action in Ukraine aims to disarm the people.

President Vladimir Zelensky has not ruled out the prospect of Kyiv altering the terms of those promises despite Ukraine’s duties under the Budapest Memorandum, which required the country to swap nukes in exchange for guarantees and security guarantees.

Who Will Support Whom in World War 3?

Although I don’t have much expertise in this topic, I’ll do my best. Not every country on the planet would participate in World War 3. In reality, the majority of South American, African, and Oceanian states and a sizable number of Asian countries, wouldn’t engage in combat. The reason why so many countries got involved in World War Two was that the colonial powers controlled so many different countries.

I’m not completely sure why World War 3 started, but I’m going to assume that it had something to do with how each nation’s military and economy were at the time. It is most likely to be in Asia or the Middle East if the conflict starts in Asia (around Taiwan, the South China Sea, or South Korea) or the Middle East (near Israel, Iraq, or Iran).

Look up the death toll from World War II.

With the help of 3D animation, this film contrasts the number of deaths from the Second World War.

Group USA

Democratic Saudi Arabia They will, however, battle Iran. Friends are allies.

Team China/Russia

Although there might be others I haven’t considered, I think these are the best players. These are some of the possible outcomes in a situation like this that I can think of.

World War 3 or the Cold War?

The most aggressive team is Team China/Russia.

Iran will probably attempt to attack Israel as well. If that were to occur, the results might be catastrophic. Israel, Saudi Arabia, and American military forces might launch a concerted assault to damage the Iranian military and force it to submit.

The American military machine is already at work, and the conflict is already underway. The full force of the U.S. Navy started to advance against Japan through the Pacific. To bolster American forces in Europe, massive ground forces are crossing the Atlantic. As additional ground soldiers arrive, the tide is turning.

Due to the U.S. navy’s immense size, Chinese soldiers were compelled to retreat. In the future, South Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan will all be free. If China is unable to comply, the U.S. may send soldiers in the interim. However, American and European forces in Eastern Europe at that time would have forced the Russian Army back to Moscow.

In the here and now, there are four possible outcomes.

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